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Give A Damn About The Earth

Make Waves Clothing Co. is a movement that is all about bringing out your inner activist...while having a little fun. We know how important it is to give a damn about the earth, and we want to encourage you to get your voice heard when it comes to climate change.

We are visitors, yet we have immensely destroyed the Earth's beauty and immortality for the sake of convenience, modern development, and money. One summer, I was fortunate to visit a small fisherman's town on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where I observed how they were living so intuitively alongside nature. It reminded me that there was a time when we lived a lot more consciously and respectfully of the Earth (many many years ago) and I believe we are still capable of getting back there. That's how Make Waves was born.


ALL OUR CLOTHING IS UNIQUELY DESIGNED AND SUSTAINABLY & ETHICALLY MANUFACTURED, using a production method that results in minimal to no waste.

when you join the make waves community, you are contributing to the ripple effect of actions that are helping to fight FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE.

We believe that environmental activism has many different components

Low impact actions (low, but still important): Our daily choices and actions can create a ripple effect for more impactful change (i.e. the metaphorical waves). Consistent repetition of our daily behaviours adds up over time to make a difference, not to mention all the people you set an example for along the way!
The sentiment 'Make Waves' reminds us that every little bit helps- it serves as a reminder to think consciously, be present, educate ourselves and others, volunteer our time, demand change from our leading governments, and seize every opportunity we can to take action. That's why we create clothing using sustainable and ethical methods (and we are always striving to do better). Read more about our sustainability efforts below.

High impact actions
: There are countless non-profit organizations working tirelessly on the frontline to make a difference, both by hands-on protection and restoration, as well as fighting for change on a global and political scale. Donations, as well as volunteering time to participate in community projects, can go a long way in making a difference, as well as showing strength in numbers.
We've chosen to stir the waters by giving back and supporting a few different organizations based on the work they are doing as well as the community involvement surrounding their efforts. This means that when you buy Make Waves apparel, you are also contributing to the ripple effect that gets these organizations the funds they need to keep doing the amazing and impactful work they are doing. You can read more about the organizations we've selected below.

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"We have immensely destroyed the Earth's beauty and immortality for the sake of convenience, modern development, and money...There was a time when we lived a lot more consciously and respectfully of the Earth, and we are still capable of getting back there."


The pillars that guide our choices as a company, and as individuals

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We believe that sustainability and environmental protection is the responsibility of every business and consumer. That's why we are carefully selecting our production method, partners, textiles, inks and even shipment options, to make sure we can be as sustainably efficient as possible.
That being said, we are not perfect! We are continuously taking strides to move towards a fully sustainable offering in terms of the textiles we use, without compromising on product quality or longevity.
Read here to find out exactly how our apparel is made and the sustainable efforts we currently have in place.

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Ignorance is not bliss. Not knowing or understanding climate change is one thing, but we have too many resources and tools at our hands to simply say that we don't know enough to care, or that we don't think it affects us.
Our company is deeply committed to educating ourselves on the important aspects of climate change, and in turn, sharing the information we learn using our platform to help spread awareness of the importance of this time-sensitive issue.

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Education without action is a broken chain. As a company, and as individuals, we are keen on doing our part to contribute to environmental activism however we can. We pay to offset carbon emissions created by every single item we ship. (Read more here). Plus, 10% of the proceeds from every item sold is donated back to organizations on the front line that have the knowledge and resources to fight for large scale change. Through The Underwater Collection, the Make Waves movement currently supports organizations fighting the impacts on our global oceans. Our goal is to expand that by 2022 to support change-makers in other vulnerable areas, including the rainforests and our wildlife creatures.

Bring out your inner activist


10% of proceeds go to support the following organizations


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A global community foundation with a mission to 'support, strengthen, and promote those that are dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.' They work to educate the community on ocean conservation, determine solutions to the threats facing our oceans on a global scale, and identify organizations, individuals and change-makers that are best suited to implement them.
Learn More: About The Ocean Foundation

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This is ocean conservation for the adventurers! Project Aware has been around since the late 80's, and their aim is to 'inspire, inform and provide the tools needed to engage and connect individuals, governments, NGOs, and businesses who share their values and vision for a clean, healthy ocean.' Their team and global community works collectively to decrease pollution and protect the most vulnerable marine species, but they have fun while doing it!
Learn More: About Project Aware


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