Who we are

At Make Waves Clothing Company, we recognize how important it is to GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE EARTH... pardon my language.


We've all grown up aware of climate change, global warming, the importance of recycling, reusable water bottles, etc. I mean, the concept of climate change itself first began in the early 19th century, so this is by no means a new idea. Yet the fact is, 

but one summer, just after diving into the Mediterranean Sea, it finally hit me that we are not doing enough. We are not. Doing. Enough.

As soon as I jumped in, I was instantly breathing in the bone-chilling turquoise blue of the Mediterranean sea, and I suddenly realized how much beauty is at stake- the oceans, the rainforests, the wildlife. I wanted to do something to help.

We are visitors, yet we have immensely destroyed the Earth's beauty and immortality for the sake of convenience, modern development, and money. Visiting that small town reminded me that there was a time when we lived more consciously, and we are still capable of getting back there.

On a small scale, our consistent, daily actions can create a ripple effect for more impactful change. For example:

    Make Waves apparel is here to be your sidekick.

    We want our clothing to amplify your voice and help put your message at the forefront, no matter what adventure you’re on.

    Our clothing is created with high quality material, inspired designs, and a vision that we can all get on board with- restoring the beauty, function and power back to the Earth. That's why 10% of the profits from all sales go to support organizations and non-profits with the know-how to protect and conserve our resources on a large scale, and lobby for big change.

    We are in this together, and together, we can MAKE WAVES.

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